500V FrontMount models


The 500V models offer a compact FrontMount™ solution for home or business user looking for value without comprimising quality. They are are powerful, fast, comfortable and easy to maintain (only 4 regular grease points). Reach under low hanging trees and obstacles with ease saving you time and skin. Both these model have PowerFold electric deck lift fitted as standard.

Driven by commercial engines and full hydraulic Parker HT transmissions (no reduction gears) for smooth and robust performance.   

524V - 24hp / 42" with PowerFold

This is the narrowest Grasshopper Frontmount mower available. It will easily fit through narrow gates ways or between the house and the vege garden. The electric deck lift and tip up makes height adjustments, cleaning and maintenance a breeze.  

526V - 26hp / 52" with PowerFold

The big sibling of 500V series the 526V has more power with 810cc Vanguard engine, a larger 52" deck, wide stance tail wheels and the back saving PowerFold electric deck lift. For only $1200 more than the 524V/42" you get a larger cut and more power. 

We dont have any video clips of the 526V model yet.

Product Code: GH500V

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